ID Stage When/Where Home Score Away
379 Group Thu, Jan 26th 6:00pm at ESC5 Fort Sask. Arsenal U11 (Shand) 4 - 1 Spruce Grove Knights
377 Group Thu, Jan 26th 6:15pm at ESC7 Lewis Estates Red Dragons (Wingrave) 5 - 0 Beaumont (McConnell) - The Blueberries
376 Group Sat, Jan 28th 9:00am at ESC5 Bonnyville Black Panthers 2 - 7 Lewis Estates Red Dragons (Wingrave)
380 Group Sat, Jan 28th 9:15am at ESC7 Spruce Grove Knights 5 - 3 Saint Paul Blue Gladiators
378 Group Sat, Jan 28th 1:30pm at ESC8 Beaumont (McConnell) - The Blueberries 5 - 0 Bonnyville Black Panthers
381 Group Sat, Jan 28th 1:45pm at ESC6 Saint Paul Blue Gladiators 2 - 2 Fort Sask. Arsenal U11 (Shand)
383 3rd/4th Sun, Jan 29th 12:45pm at ESC6 Beaumont (McConnell) - The Blueberries -- Spruce Grove Knights
382 Consolation Sun, Jan 29th 1:00pm at ESC5 Bonnyville Black Panthers -- Saint Paul Blue Gladiators
384 Gold/Silver Sun, Jan 29th 1:15pm at ESC7 Lewis Estates Red Dragons (Wingrave) -- Fort Sask. Arsenal U11 (Shand)


Lewis Estates Red Dragons (Wingrave) Gold2/22001221063.00
Beaumont (McConnell) - The Blueberries2/210155031.50
Bonnyville Black Panthers2/2002212-1000.00
Fort Sask. Arsenal U11 (Shand) Silver2/211063342.00
Spruce Grove Knights2/210167-131.50
Saint Paul Blue Gladiators2/201157-210.50

MP = Matches Played

W = Wins

D = Draws

L = Loss

GF = Goals For

GA = Goals Against

GD = Goal Differential (+/-)

Pts = Points

P/MP = Average Points Per Matches Played