Tournament Rules - Boarded Soccer

The creation of the FC Memorial Challenge is to honor those individuals who have made an impact on our youth by being involved in the EMSA North and / or the Northside United program.


· All elements of the team, including parents, coaches and players are expected to maintain themselves in accordance with the highest standards of good conduct. Instances of unsportsmanlike conduct will be investigated and addressed without delay.

· Coaches are responsible for reminding team supporters that good sportsmanship rewards exceptional play regardless of who makes the play. Good sportsmanship does not detract from the game but rather makes it more enjoyable for all. While it’s understood that competition is a healthy part of the game, supporters should never lose sight of respect for the game or their competitors.

· Individuals displaying unacceptable behavior will be requested to leave the facility. Facility staff can hold the coach responsible for the actions of their team and supporters and they reserve the right to deny entry to any person or entire teams at their discretion.

· The organizing committee reserves the right to adjust tiers and groups as needed to provide balanced pools or ensure teams are competitively balanced.

· No refunds will be issued after the registration process is closed (December 20, 2019).

· These rules are intended to be as inclusive as possible; however, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the tournament committee reserves the right to make binding decisions upon all participants.


1.1 All teams are required to fill out their team’s roster online no later than January 25, 2020 @ 4:00pm. Guest/Trialist forms must be attached to game sheets and submitted prior to the start of each game. No changes to the team roster can be made once that team’s first tournament game has been played. Any corrections requiring change after the January 25th deadline must be made at the EMSA North office or at tournament headquarters.

1.2 A maximum of four (4) coaching staff members may be on the bench during the time of play. One of the staff members must be the same gender as the players.

1.3 Players are only permitted to play on ONE team in this tournament.

1.4 All mixed-gender teams will participate in the corresponding male age group/tier/division.

1.5 Players on U9-U19 teams must be of the appropriate age group as outlined in A.S.A. rules but may include players from a lower age group.


2.1 All coaching staff and players (including guest players) must be currently registered with a youth soccer association recognized by A.S.A. or C.S.A for the Indoor 2019/2020 season to participate in this tournament.

2.2 Any coaches or players that are currently under any disciplinary action from any ASA or CSA recognized soccer association must advise the tournament committee; who will decide (based on the offence) if the player/coach will be permitted to participate in the FC Memorial Challenge Tournament. All suspensions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Player cards, where mandated for regular play, are not required for this tournament, however must be shown upon request by tournament officials.

Please note: Failure to produce player identification (if requested) may result in the forced forfeit of the game(s) being played by the team. Please refer to ASA rules for other forms of acceptable ID in lieu of 2.2 above.


3.1 Each team is permitted three guest players during the tournament.

3.2 Guest players must be currently registered with a youth soccer association recognized by A.S.A. and/or C.S.A for the Indoor 2019/2020 season to participate in this tournament.

3.3 EMSA trialists can only come from within the same zone (example West Zone to West Zone or North Zone to North Zone. You cannot use North Zone player as a trialist on a West Zone team). Out of district teams can only use trialists from their own district.

3.4 A guest player will be allowed on the following basis: Tier 1–4: can only be from a lower age / lower category or lower division as the age group of the receiving team’s tournament category in order to be registered on that team’s roster with written approval as noted below; Tier 5-9: can be from the same or lower age / same or lower category or same or lower division as the age group of the receiving team’s tournament category in order to be registered on that team’s roster with written approval as noted below.

3.5 Teams must submit guest forms and one copy of the game sheet to the referee prior to the start of the game. Coaches must submit a copy of the guest form for each game a guest player participates in. A guest form can cover a range of play dates.

3.6 All guest player(s) must have written approval from their original team with signatures from their original team as well as their tentative tournament team.

3.7 Guest players must be identified on the team roster/game sheets.

3.8 Any player that is registered in the EIYSA 2019/2020 Indoor league may be permitted to play as a guest player in the FC Memorial tournament provided that an ASA roster is provided for the EIYSA player confirming registration on the appropriate EIYSA team.

3.9 EMSA Players may not play as a guest player on an EIYSA team in accordance with EMSA rules.

3.10 Teams competing in (Community Soccer) Tiers 4 and lower are not permitted to use trialists to increase their current roster size (total number of players listed on a teams’ regular roster). Trialists can only be used to replace missing players, not increase team size to attend the tournament.

3.11 Guest and trialist mean the same thing and the wording can be interchanged without changing the meaning.


4.1 All teams are required to register their completed roster and identify any guest player(s) no later than January 25, 2020.

4.2 No changes to a teams’ roster can be made after that teams’ first tournament game.

4.3 Players not on the team roster prior to the team’s first tournament game are deemed ineligible.

4.4 Players cannot be registered on more than one team roster.

4.5 The maximum number of players permitted on a team roster is as follows:

· U9 & U11: Sixteen (16) players including goal keepers(s)

· U13-U19: Twenty (20) players including goal keeper(s)

· A team may dress according to their age group.

4.6 Non- EMSA teams are required to carry a signed copy of their ASA team roster and provide it to any tournament official upon request.

Please note: Absolutely no player registrations will be approved at tournament headquarters, please ensure you have enough players prior to entering the tournament.


5.1 Travel Documents All out of province teams must submit travel sanction forms with their roster on or before 4:00pm on January 25, 2020.

5.2 Facility Waivers (Non-EMSA teams) All teams who are not playing in the EMSA league for the 2019/2020 Indoor season must provide EMSA North with facility waivers for each player / coach / manager / bench attendant prior to their first game or confirmation from their home zone that they hold in their possession copies of the team’s waiver forms.


6.1 Format of Game

a) The length of games will be as follows:

U9: 25 min x 2 (5 minute change over)
U11-U19: 25 min x 2

b) Games may end in a tie during Round Robin play; however, a game that requires a result will go to “Kicks from the Penalty Mark.” See attached for rules.
c) Each team will play a minimum of three (3) games and medals will be awarded after the last game.
d) The “Mercy Rule” will apply to this group. No team will be given more than a 5 (five) goal win differential. Tie-breaking procedures will use statistics AFTER the mercy rule was applied. i.e. if a team wins 6-0, they will only receive credit for 5-0 regardless of the actual score.
e) U9 & U11’s will play in accordance with EMSA’s policy for the 2019/2020 Indoor season being a 7v7 format (6 players and 1 keeper).
f) Timeouts: each team is permitted a 1 (one) minute timeout during any half, once per game.

g) Where the Mercy Rule (as per d) is in effect, no time will be stopped on the clock.

6.2 Pool Format

a) “Round Robin” play format and will have NO play-off games within a pool or between pools. All tied games in Round Robin play format will stand.
b) “Play-Off” pool format will have play-off games scheduled within a two-sided pool or between pools. Ties will stand in the first round of game for two-sided pools and/or the first round of pools that play off against another pool.
c) Medal games are defined as the final games in a two-sided pool or between pools that play- off against one another, whose results determine Medal stands (Gold and Silver). If a Medal Game results in a tie at the end of regulation time, penalty shots will be used to determine the winner of the match.

6.3 Game Sheets

a) Official FC Memorial Challenge game sheets will be used throughout the tournament and are available to print off the website.
b) Game sheets are to be completely filled out and given to the game official prior to the kickoff of each tournament game.
c) Ensure all players (including guest players, labeled as “guest”) are listed on the game sheet prior to kick off. Any player not listed on the game sheet prior to kick off will be deemed ineligible to play


6.4 Game Balls

a) The home team is required to provide 2 suitable game balls, as determined by the game official, which is as follows:

· U9/U11 SIZE 4

· U13-U19 SIZE 5

6.5 Point system

a) A win entitles a team to three (3) points.
b) A loss entitles a team to zero (0) points.
c) A tie entitles each team to one (1) point.
d) NO points will be awarded for shutout games. See rule 6.7(b)

6.6 Tie-Breaking Procedures

2-Way Tie
3-Way Tie
Head to Head
Goal Differential
Goal Differential
Least Goals Against
Least Goals Against
Free kicks
Penalty Shots (see section 10 for rules)
NOTE: Most goals for cannot apply due to mercy rule.

6.7 Forfeiting Games

a) Should any team forfeit a scheduled game the opposing team will be awarded a final score of three to zero..
b) Should both teams forfeit a scheduled game the final score will be recorded as N/S (no score) and no points will be awarded.

6.8 Delayed Games

a) On-field issues that delay or interrupt a game, such as facilities cleaning carpet, will result in shortened playtime as the clock will be running as if a normal game were in progress. There will be no additional make-up time allocated.

6.9 On-Field Medical Distress

a) Injuries occurring that require on field medical attention will not result in additional "makeup game time" being allocated.
b) If there is a serious injury that occurs in the first half and results in a stoppage in play for more than 10 minutes the Tournament Committee, in consultation with the Referee in Chief, will determine how the result for that game will be determined.

c) Where game time remains greater than 10 minutes game play will resume with the final score determining the outcome.
d) Should the score be tied and game play can resume with less than 10 minutes remaining on the clock coaches may elect to go to penalty shots to determine a winning team.
e) If less than 5 minutes remains on the clock the Penalty Shoot-out is not an option and game play will resume until time runs out.
f) Should one coach wish to play out the remaining time whereas the other coach desires a penalty shootout a flip of the coin by team captains will resolve the issue.
g) Where resolution requires a coin flip the referee will request tournament officials oversee the coin flip.


7.0 Miscellaneous

a) If not clear, the team mentioned first on the schedule is deemed the Home team.
b) In the event that both teams wear like colors, the home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee.
c) Scores and team stats will be posted on the official FCMC webpage. (

7.1 Rules of Play

a) The Tournament will follow the Rules of Indoor Soccer, except where modified as advised e.g. U9 and U11 games. These can be found at the following website under Alberta Rules of Indoor Soccer (ROIS).
b) All players, coaching staff, assisting personnel and team supporters are expected to obey the Alberta Rules of Indoor Soccer (ROIS) and respect all tournament officials.
c) The Rules of Indoor Soccer are in effect for the time period beginning immediately before, during and immediately after the game and said authority extends to the area immediately surrounding the field of play and includes the bleachers.

Please note: Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Threats and/or assaults made towards any tournament officials during this tournament will generate an immediate suspension pending the A.S.A. Discipline Committee action in accordance with A.S.A. Rules and Regulations.

7.2 Discipline for U11-U19 teams

a) Specific to U9/U11 – U9 and U11 is considered “mini-soccer” and players are learning the game, the consequence of Red/Yellow/Blue cards is modified to consider the development of the player. Teams affected by these modified rules will not play short hand while serving time penalties.

i) No cards will be shown to U9 players. However; for offenses that are considered serious the referee can instruct the coach to temporarily remove the player from the field of play to instruct the player on game conduct. The team will not play shorthanded.

ii) Red Card - U11 players receiving a Red Card not as a result of 2 yellow cards will sit in the box for 5 Minutes Stop-Time then proceed to their team bench where they will remain for the duration of the game.
iii) Yellow Card - U11 players receiving a Yellow Card will sit in the box for 2 Minutes Stop-Time. Players receiving a second caution (Yellow Card) in the same game will sit in the box for 2 minutes then proceed to their team bench where they will remain for the duration of the game.
iv) U11 Players receiving a Red Card will not serve any additional suspension and are able to return to regular play for subsequent games. Notwithstanding, the FC Memorial Disciplinary committee reserves to right to issue game suspensions to any player, including U9 & U11, involved in violent conduct.
v) Blue Card – Referees are discouraged from issuing Blue Cards to U11 players except for repeated re-occurrences. Upon noticing a Technical Offense the referee shall stop play immediately (unless an advantage situation exists) and correct the action instead of issuing a Blue Card. Example, too many players will result in immediate game stoppage until the issue is corrected. Any goals scored by a team with too many players on the field shall not be counted.

a) Specific to U13 and up: Red Cards, in addition to the immediate suspension, are an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension. Two yellow cards in a single game will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension to be served the following game.

b) If a player receives a second red card in the tournament, that player must report, with the affected teams’ coach, to HQ immediately after his or her team’s game. The player will not be permitted to participate in any further tournament play and may face further disciplinary action.
c) It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their players serve their discipline during the tournament.
d) Players who are ejected from a game for U13 and up must immediately leave the field of play and either go to their dressing room or leave the field area. They cannot remain in the hallway between the dressing room and the field of play. However, they can go upstairs and watch the rest of the game provided they have removed their team jersey and/or are wearing something to completely cover their team jersey.
e) Any coach/manager who is ejected from the game must leave the playing area as defined under section d. An ejected coach could be suspended from their next game. This will be determined by the Discipline Committee based on the Referee Report. Any coach suspended will be advised before their next game.
f) Any suspended player/coach/manager serving a next-game suspension cannot be in the dressing room or hallway prior to the game and cannot enter the field of play for the warm up or for the end of game handshake.
g) If the nature of the suspension warrants, The Discipline Committee will convene and advise the coaching staff of its findings. The regular process of appeals remains available if needed.

7.3 Protests

a) Protests of any tournament game results will be reviewed provided that the protest is in writing and accompanied by payment of $100.00. Cheques are to be made payable to the North Side United club. The tournament headquarters must receive written submissions within one hour of the protested game’s completion. Protests related to application of the “Rules of Indoor Soccer” by game officials will not be accepted. Successful protests will result in the $100.00 being refunded.
b) Playing ineligible players will result in the forfeit of any game the said player participated in. Affected teams will be awarded a 1 to 0 score as well as three points.


8.1 Commemorative Award

8.2 Awards Presentations

a) Gold & Silver (for the U9/U19 Premier & U9-U19 Categories) medals will be awarded to the top two (2) teams in each category. Awards will be presented in the main concourse of each Soccer Center following the final game of the schedule in that age category.


Fields 1-4: (ESC West) Edmonton Soccer Center West – 17415 - 106A Avenue
Fields 5-8: (ESC East) Edmonton Soccer Center East – 12720 Victoria Trail
Fields 9-12: (ESC South) Edmonton Soccer Center South – 6520 Roper Road
Fields 13-14: Tri Leisure Centre, 221 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove
Fields 15-18: (ESD) Edmonton Soccer Dome – 3105 101 Street SW


In the event of a tie where a result is needed (medals determination), “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” as per ASA Rules will be the determining method used to break the tie game. Affected teams are provided 1 minute to select 5 players and prepare the goalkeeper.


Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark, teams shall be required to equalize the number of players on each team. e.g. if one team has 14 players and the other team has 16 players, the team with 16 players must reduce their team size by 2 players. These 2 players will be in the penalty box during the duration of the penalty kicks.

The referee chooses the goal at which the kicks will be taken

The referee tosses a coin and the team whose captain wins the toss decides if they will kick first or second

The referee and the assistant referee will keep a record of the kicks being taken.

Shots from the penalty mark will follow the ASA 2019/2020 Rules of Indoor Soccer.

FC Memorial Challenge


Edmonton Soccer Dome T1
3105 101 Street SW, Edmonton AB
Edmonton Soccer Dome T2
3105 101 Street SW, Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Soccer Dome T3
3105 101 Street SW, Edmonton, AB
South Soccer Center #10
6520 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB
South Soccer Center #11
6520 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB
South Soccer Center #12
6520 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB
South Soccer Center #9
6520 Roper Road, Edmonton, Ab
Transalta Tri Leisure North
221 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove, AB
Transalta Tri Leisure South
221 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove, AB
West Soccer Center #1
17415-106A Avenue, Edmonton, AB
West Soccer Center #2
17415-106A Avenue, Edmonton, AB
West Soccer Center #3
17415-106A Avenue, Edmonton, AB